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This week I did­n’t post my usu­al arti­cle. Instead, I vis­it­ed Killer Crafts and Crafty Killers with a blog about a sail­ing trip my hus­band and I made in 1989. It was the first big trip we made on our sail­boat. I called it Sail­ing the Dis­mal Swamp Canal to Hur­ri­cane Hugo.

ICW Trip - 1989

ICW Trip — 1989

To see this post, go to this blog site. Of course, with a title that includes a hur­ri­cane name, you might guess what we ran into.

We took many trips between that one and our last big trip some years lat­er. By then we were too old to han­dle lines and dodge swing­ing booms. We had a pow­er cruis­er instead of a sail boat. For that last trip, we were a group of only two boats. I blogged about that last year for Dames of Dia­logue. You can see it at their blog.

Death of a Hot Chick, the mys­tery men­tioned in both blogs was inspired by my sail­ing trips. So too was my ama­teur sleuth, Cyd Den­linger. I blogged about how I chose her before I had a sin­gle book pub­lished. That is on Work­ing Stuffs.

These blog posts, espe­cial­ly the last one I men­tion above, will give you an idea of how a writer’s mind works when she is craft­ing some­one to solve her mys­ter­ies. Enjoy!


Sailing Blogs to Visit — 2 Comments

  1. I loved the post on Sail­ing the Dis­mal Swamp, Nor­ma, and believe I may have post­ed a com­ment there. It must be quite dif­fer­ent, now, with a power­boat instead of sail­boat, but prob­a­bly a bit eas­i­er to manage.while hav­ing time for a good time.

  2. I think the Dis­mal Swamp Canal still looks the same. Actu­al­ly, one can not use sails on most of the Intra­coastal Water­way — too nar­row and any wind would prob­a­bly be com­ing from the wrong direc­tion. So with a sail­boat using her engine and a power­boat restrict­ed by speed con­trols, usu­al­ly six knots, there isn’t a lot of dif­fer­ence. We’ve trav­eled it both ways. Oh, except, sail­boats must always wait for bridges car­ry­ing cars over the water­way to open. (Often power­boats must too.) 


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