Cover Reveal

Some­thing new is com­ing. My first young adult book, Cher­ish, is about to come on the scene.

From the back cover:

Cher­ish can’t be my name. It does­n’t sound right. But who am I? I should have lis­tened bet­ter to that mini-psych course in mid­dle school. I’ve heard of bi-polar and mul­ti­ple per­son­al­i­ties. I think. Is this the way peo­ple go crazy?

Kay­la should­n’t have tak­en that strange girl’s hand, because that’s when every­thing changed.

And, was­n’t it the twen­ty-first cen­tu­ry? What’s with the date, Octo­ber, 1946? That can’t be right. It’s the same school, sort of. The same town, but different.

But, if she is Cher­ish, how about the date on that tomb­stone? If she does­n’t find a way back to her own body, in her own time…,

Kay­la will die in a few days.


Cover Reveal — 5 Comments

  1. Should be a great tale for YA and us “grown ups” too. A good ghost tale always makes for fun read. Cov­er fits the sea­son and the genre. I like coun­try lanes in the autumn and the par­tial face above it is an atten­tion get­ter. Only prob­lem I see is words above Cher­ish tend to dis­ap­pear into the trees in a small cov­er, but might be no prob­lem on full size. Hope you have great sales.

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