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From March 2 through March 8, 2014, it’s Read an E-book Week at Smashwords. That means big discounts. Many books are on sale, including my two mysteries based in the Chesapeake Bay area.

Death of a Hot Chick and Yesterday’s Body are both free for the week. Find my Coupon Code here on my Smashwords site.


A young widow trying to survive…a ghost with an agenda…and a boat they share…

Violent death comes suddenly to Smith Harbor, the Chesapeake Bay fishing village with intertwined and lasting relationships.

Cyd Denlinger wants to forget her late, philandering husband, keep her family from running her life, and regain her commercial boat captain’s license. What she doesn’t want is to be involved with an old flame OR a ghost.

But the nagging ghost offers a trade that’s hard to resist.

“Find my killer!” she demands. In exchange, Cyd will own the boat Snapdragon. Easy for a ghost to offer something she can’t use. Not so easy to solve a murder with too much help from family and friends.

Not too safe either, especially when Cyd wonders: Was the killer’s target his victim or her boat?


Jo Durbin wasn’t under 40 or anorexic slim. So how did she get the job?

She wonders, will the police find her fingerprints on the murder weapon? And did one of those beautiful people she worked with kill Francine?

Or will they point to Jo – posing as a homeless bag lady?

“I very much like your voice. You project just the tone and attitude I love to read.”: Chris Roerden, Author of Agatha Award-winning Don’t Murder Your Mystery.

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