Amish Mafia—What’s That?

The Smash­words Read an E‑Book week is over, and what a great suc­cess. I won­der how many books were “sold” at free or half-price. Many copies of my two mys­ter­ies found new homes. I do hope every­one likes their new reads. (Per­haps you will post a review on Smash­words and else­where of the books you read—not just mine, but from any author. To me, that’s half the fun. Well, maybe a quar­ter of the fun.)

My new sub­ject is the Amish Mafia. Is there such a thing as shown on a cur­rent­ly pop­u­lar TV show? Well, I live in Lan­cast­er Coun­ty, Penn­syl­va­nia, where the show is set. From time to time our local news­pa­per fol­lows up on that ques­tion. (Um, I’m think­ing arrest records of the stars, com­ments by the Amish com­mu­ni­ty, and a few oth­er things.) I’ve got to tell you, the con­clu­sion is the only thing “true” about the show is that it IS filmed in Lan­cast­er County.

What do peo­ple in oth­er parts of the world think about this? Fol­low this link to the Amish Mafia arti­cle, then tell me what you think. (I par­tic­u­lar­ly like some of the com­ments made at the end of the arti­cle. I also remem­ber see­ing the pre­vi­ous arti­cles that one can click to.)

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