Five Stars For A Cutthroat Business

I’ve read a lot of books that I rate five stars. A Cut­throat Busi­ness by Jen­na Ben­nett is one I’ve just fin­ished read­ing. Now, I must admit, it has been on my Kin­dle for quite some time. (I tend to cap­ture way more e‑books than I can pos­si­bly read.) Last week it was “eenie, mee­nie, miney, mo” time, and I’m glad this one got the fin­ger. Even bet­ter, I dis­cov­ered that this is the first of a series, with sev­er­al more to read.

5 star ASavan­nah Mar­tin is a new­com­er to the real estate sales busi­ness. She is a prop­er south­ern belle who always remem­bers what her moth­er says. On a date, a prop­er lady does­n’t eat too much, or ever eat dessert. There’s a few oth­er things a prop­er lady does­n’t do, and, unfor­tu­nate­ly, Savan­nah falls a bit short on some things. Like, I’m sure, it isn’t prop­er to find a dead body, even if it is in the house she’s show­ing and it just hap­pens to be her hat­ed boss. And one def­i­nite­ly should­n’t be attract­ed to that bad boy, Rafe. Of course, Savan­nah is most polite to the ques­tion­ing police, and that could be a good thing.

All that is good and well, but exact­ly why do I pick this is one of my favorite books? For one thing, when I real­ized I was way over half way through with the book, I stayed awake until 2 A.M. to fin­ish it. For anoth­er thing, there’s a con­sid­er­able amount of sex­u­al ten­sion, but it’s light­ly played, and a kiss is the ulti­mate thrill. (I’m sure that suc­ceed­ing books will go a tad fur­ther, but I do like the fun of this approach.) And, while this is not the first fic­tion­al real estate agent I’ve read about who finds a body in the vacant house, there’s a lot more going on in this book that war­rants applause.

As I write this brief review, I see that the e‑book is avail­able for free. How lucky can you get? A Cut­throat Busi­ness avail­able here. (Don’t know if it will be when you read this.) Read all about the author Jen­na Ben­nett here.

Now a word from your spon­sor (me). Leave a note here if you wish. Sug­gest a favorite book of your own. Check out my book page, or my web page. And come back on Thurs­day for a blog that is yet to be determined—but it will be dif­fer­ent. And, next Mon­day, I’ll tell you about anoth­er of my favorite books.


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