I did­n’t have to dig very deeply into my favorites list to come up with 5 star A Just Add Water by Jinx Schwartyz. I under­stand that this author is as at-home on boats as she is in front of her com­put­er writ­ing about Het­ta Coffey.

Het­ta does­n’t have a boat as the book starts. She has women friends, an ex fiancé, and a dog named RJ. Let’s just say, boy friends come and go, and their com­ing isn’t always good. Could be fatal, as a mat­ter of fact. But, oh, that does make for good reading!

The dead body does­n’t appear right away, but the action is non-stop. Het­ta is after a man, any man. Per­haps buy­ing a boat is the way to go. Then, again, per­haps not. But Het­ta has a boat, and she is intends to learn how to use it. (That’s a quote, more or less, from the author’s tweets, “Het­ta has a boat and she’s not afraid to use it.”)

This is my first Het­ta Cof­fey Mys­tery and won’t be the last! I read Jinx Schwartyz’ Land of Moun­tains before giv­ing it to a grand­daugh­ter and absolute­ly loved it. It is semi-auto­bi­o­graph­i­cal. I don’t think Just Add Water is, but it cer­tain­ly could be, if the child in the ear­li­er book grew up to get involved in mur­der instead of just into boats.

I’d like to quote from a few oth­ers who liked this book:

First, I must say this book was a chuck­le a minute—except for the parts not designed to elic­it chuck­les, of course.”

Whether you’re a fan of mys­tery, chick lit, or humor, you’ll be a fan of Het­ta Cof­fey and author Jinx Schwartz.”

Het­ta is brash and bold with a mouth that doesn’t have much of a filter.”

There are many more reviews, but that gives you an idea. Almost all of them are positive.

Just Add Water is avail­able here.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

Of course, I know a lit­tle some­thing about boats as well. Just for kicks, I’ll add a pic­ture of the boat my hus­band and I sailed for a good many years. We did­n’t find any killers, but we did run into a few killer storms. And, know­ing a lit­tle bit about boats myself, only made me appre­ci­ate Just Add Water even more.

Does knowl­edge of the sub­ject affect your read­ing? I know, if an author does­n’t get some­thing right that I do know about, that does affects my read­ing plea­sure. It down-right destroys it.


Five Stars For JUST ADD WATER — 8 Comments

  1. What a delight­ful book. Of course, to make me hap­py, just add water, and this book does that. I do find that authen­tic­i­ty adds to my enjoy­ment of a book. Espe­cial­ly if it is some­thing I am well versed in. If it is some­thing that I know lit­tle about (like sail­ing) I expect that the details will be right even if I don’t know it. I have to admit, when I read reviews along the lines of the author did­n’t do his/her home­work, I am less like­ly to pick the book up.

  2. Kait, I quite agree. I tend to think the author knows the sub­ject well if it sounds authen­tic (and I haven’t seen reviews to the con­trary). And some of the books I par­tic­u­lar­ly like take me to places (and sub­jects) I know noth­ing about.

  3. Enjoyed stop­ping by your blog today, Nor­ma! The pho­to of the seag­ulls and the boat that your hub­by and you sailed for many years, makes me want to go to the beach! best, Cheryl Elaine Williams (writ­ing YA as Cheryle Williams)

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