Quilts and Barns

How do quilts, a hand­made bed­cov­er, and barns, a large build­ing forquilt-barn cows, go togeth­er? Answer—when a barn sports a quilt­ed decoration.

It’s a nat­ur­al for the place where I live, Lan­cast­er Coun­ty, Pennsylvania—the home of Amish quilts, dairy farms, fields of hay and corn. But we are sort of a John­ny-come-late­ly. Quilt trails are found in 48 states and Cana­da. A local quilt­ing farm woman saw her first barn quilt in Ohio which inspired the one pro­filed in our local newspaper.

Some 7,000 wood­en or Mylar quilts were cre­at­ed by groups such as the Grange (a farm­ing orga­ni­za­tion I belonged to as a teenage farm girl). They can be found fol­low­ing quilt trails, and they aren’t all on barns.

Here is the arti­cle from our local news­pa­per. And, of course, some­thing so pop­u­lar has its own Face­book page.

I had nev­er before heard of quilts on barns, or quilt trails. In the sum­mer, we have corn mazes, tours of dairy farms, and Her­shey can­dy fac­to­ry. Do you have sim­i­lar activ­i­ties where you live? I’d love to hear about them.


Quilts and Barns — 5 Comments

  1. We don’t have any­thing like that in any of the places I have lived. It’s fas­ci­nat­ing and now you’ve made me put some­thing new on my buck­et list. I want to do a quilt trail. I do remem­ber hex signs on barns when I was grow­ing up, and I remem­ber barn roof adver­tis­ing, but nev­er quilts.

  2. Nor­ma, love this! I quilt (well, I used to quilt more before get­ting caught up in writ­ing) and Amish-style quilts are among my favorites. In Ten­nessee, they used to use barns to adver­tise (most­ly things like “See Rock City!”), and I remem­ber the old hex signs on Penn­syl­va­nia barns from years ago. Thank you for posting!

  3. Nor­ma, I absolute­ly love old barns. I also like quilts. I have a few quilts that my mom and grand­moth­er made. Years ago, I became inter­est­ed in barns and got infor­ma­tion about them from dif­fer­ent parts of the coun­try. It was fas­ci­nat­ing! Arkansas (where I live) and Okla­homa have some love­ly very old barns but I’ve heard that Penn­syl­va­nia has fas­ci­nat­ing barns too. I’ve noticed that when barn own­ers keep the roofs repaired, the barns last for many decades. I hate to see an old barn crumble.

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