The Eagle Has Hatched!

I must take a pass on shar­ing my War of 1812 research. Over a month ago I blogged about a pair of eagles on their nest of two eggs. Then we had snow on the first day of spring. How were the eagles faring?

Yes, you see an eagle head.

Yes, you see an eagle head.

This pic­ture might give you a clue. They were keep­ing those eggs warm. (An author­i­ty answered wor­ried watch­ers, “Notice the snow does­n’t melt over the par­ent. That means his or her feath­ers are keep­ing the body well insulated.”)

Now, this morn­ing our paper had the news—the first egg had hatched! Byeagle feeds baby the time I sat down at my com­put­er to write this blog, the sec­ond egg had hatched and the first eaglet had already had its first meal. Fish bits, yum, yum. Mam­ma (or Papa) had to keep try­ing to con­nect with the tiny wob­bling beak.

Here’s some inter­est­ing arti­cles to read and videos to watch: Arti­cle in this morn­ing’s news­pa­per. Video-first egg hatch­es. Video-sec­ond egg hatch­es. A first meal.


The Eagle Has Hatched! — 4 Comments

  1. Nice to see this. We’re still wait­ing on our three eggs from the Dec­o­rah Bald Eagles to hatch. Should be any day now. It is fas­ci­nat­ing to have such a close look at Moth­er Nature with these nest cams.

  2. Yes it is! (My hus­band is also watch­ing an owl cam with 4 chicks that are get­ting their feath­ers, are as big as their par­ents, and eat­ing mice, baby rab­bits, and gophers.)

  3. I watched an eagle’s nest in Cal­i­for­nia last year. Only one baby made it, but it was so fun to watch! Great pictures.

  4. Kaye, so far this nest has two. And, born only a day apart, they are apt to be equal­ly com­pet­i­tive in case food becomes scarce. They say this cou­ple has suc­cess­ful­ly raised eaglets before.

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