The Eagle Has Hatched!

I must take a pass on shar­ing my War of 1812 research. Over a month ago I blogged about a pair of eagles on their nest of two eggs. Then we had snow on the first day of spring. How were the eagles far­ing?

Yes, you see an eagle head.

Yes, you see an eagle head.

This pic­ture might give you a clue. They were keep­ing those eggs warm. (An author­i­ty answered wor­ried watch­ers, “Notice the snow does­n’t melt over the par­ent. That means his or her feath­ers are keep­ing the body well insu­lat­ed.”)

Now, this morn­ing our paper had the news—the first egg had hatched! Byeagle feeds baby the time I sat down at my com­put­er to write this blog, the sec­ond egg had hatched and the first eaglet had already had its first meal. Fish bits, yum, yum. Mam­ma (or Papa) had to keep try­ing to con­nect with the tiny wob­bling beak.

Here’s some inter­est­ing arti­cles to read and videos to watch: Arti­cle in this morn­ing’s news­pa­per. Video-first egg hatch­es. Video-sec­ond egg hatch­es. A first meal.


The Eagle Has Hatched! — 4 Comments

  1. Nice to see this. We’re still wait­ing on our three eggs from the Dec­o­rah Bald Eagles to hatch. Should be any day now. It is fas­ci­nat­ing to have such a close look at Moth­er Nature with these nest cams.

  2. Yes it is! (My hus­band is also watch­ing an owl cam with 4 chicks that are get­ting their feath­ers, are as big as their par­ents, and eat­ing mice, baby rab­bits, and gophers.)

  3. I watched an eagle’s nest in Cal­i­for­nia last year. Only one baby made it, but it was so fun to watch! Great pic­tures.

  4. Kaye, so far this nest has two. And, born only a day apart, they are apt to be equal­ly com­pet­i­tive in case food becomes scarce. They say this cou­ple has suc­cess­ful­ly raised eaglets before.

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