Do You Tweet?

Some days I tweet, some days I don’t. Today, for some reason, I put up several tweets on different subjects. I linked them to my blog, or to an Amazon site. I can’t say if Amazon got any clicks, but my blog got a couple. They were about books—nothing about any of mine, but comments about other books and favorite books. Did a clicker then go to the other books’ Amazon sites, maybe buy a book? I don’t know.

_Fish or Cut Bait coverSpeaking of tweeting, those of us who contributed to the Fish or Cut Bait anthology decided to tweet and retweet other’s promotions. I’ve done so a couple of times. But, there are so many tweets flying by, I haven’t seen any to retweet. (And that’s another thing I’m unable to check for any kind of benefit.)

I like to add pictures to my tweets, a book cover, usually. Does that make a tweet more noticeable? Probably. Or, does the reader just get tired of seeing so many, often the same picture repeatedly? Yeah, I’m sure that happens too.

I’m not all that savvy to use Tweet Deck or any such program. I’ve tried a couple, unsuccessfully. So, I’m not a tweet expert. I tweet in the dark, you might say.

How about you? Shall we just bumble along together?


Do You Tweet? — 4 Comments

  1. I think I am right along side you, Norma. I do use Hootsuite and when I tweet, I usually spread it across several social media, but the Twitterverse moves too fast for me to keep up with on a moment by moment basis. I wonder if I am missing a secret code or handshake!

  2. I first thought it was for celebrities to say things like: I’m playing in Vegas tonight. OMG, I broke my nail.
    Then I got the impression that it was being used conversationally. Now I’m looking at the tweet-stream that goes by and wondering how I’m supposed to deal with it all. I accidentally picked up two followers and now I have stage fright. When you crack the code, PLEASE clue me in.

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