Do You Tweet?

Some days I tweet, some days I don’t. Today, for some rea­son, I put up sev­er­al tweets on dif­fer­ent sub­jects. I linked them to my blog, or to an Ama­zon site. I can’t say if Ama­zon got any clicks, but my blog got a cou­ple. They were about books—nothing about any of mine, but com­ments about oth­er books and favorite books. Did a click­er then go to the oth­er books’ Ama­zon sites, maybe buy a book? I don’t know.

_Fish or Cut Bait coverSpeak­ing of tweet­ing, those of us who con­tributed to the Fish or Cut Bait anthol­o­gy decid­ed to tweet and retweet oth­er’s pro­mo­tions. I’ve done so a cou­ple of times. But, there are so many tweets fly­ing by, I haven’t seen any to retweet. (And that’s anoth­er thing I’m unable to check for any kind of benefit.)

I like to add pic­tures to my tweets, a book cov­er, usu­al­ly. Does that make a tweet more notice­able? Prob­a­bly. Or, does the read­er just get tired of see­ing so many, often the same pic­ture repeat­ed­ly? Yeah, I’m sure that hap­pens too.

I’m not all that savvy to use Tweet Deck or any such pro­gram. I’ve tried a cou­ple, unsuc­cess­ful­ly. So, I’m not a tweet expert. I tweet in the dark, you might say.

How about you? Shall we just bum­ble along together?


Do You Tweet? — 4 Comments

  1. I think I am right along side you, Nor­ma. I do use Hoot­suite and when I tweet, I usu­al­ly spread it across sev­er­al social media, but the Twit­ter­verse moves too fast for me to keep up with on a moment by moment basis. I won­der if I am miss­ing a secret code or handshake!

  2. I first thought it was for celebri­ties to say things like: I’m play­ing in Vegas tonight. OMG, I broke my nail.
    Then I got the impres­sion that it was being used con­ver­sa­tion­al­ly. Now I’m look­ing at the tweet-stream that goes by and won­der­ing how I’m sup­posed to deal with it all. I acci­den­tal­ly picked up two fol­low­ers and now I have stage fright. When you crack the code, PLEASE clue me in.

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