All of my covers have been designed by one of my daughters while she was grossly underemployed. Fortunately for her, that is no longer the case. Unfortunately for me, I have to rethink covers. I want to go GREAT. I want to go PROFESSIONAL. I want to go with a cover that says, “BUY ME!” So, of course, I’ve asked a pro whose covers are striking and versetile to design the cover of my upcoming mystery.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing  a couple of short stories that I intend to offer for free—to further encourage readers to buy my new mystery. So I’ve been diddling with I have used it to make a small design to put on Twitter, promoting one of my books. (Don’t know if it actually works, but…it looks good.) I’ve tried a lot of different designs using a variety of free and personal photos. This is what I’ve come up with so far.


Deserter cover 2Tell me, what do you think? Good enough? Or not.


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  1. I like then Norma, but when it comes to using things like short stories…other works of yours…to promote your books, the covers need to be similar to your mystery.

    I’m assuming Hidden Body is also something you designed and are giving away.

    You did a great job designing them. I love canva. I’m new to it, but it’s amazing what you can do when you take a little time and fiddle a little. 🙂

    susan meier

  2. I agree with Susan about the need for a brand. The font and placement for your name on these is the same and the amount of colored space above and below the pictures, but otherwise they don’t stand out as something that’s “Norma Huss.” I looked at your books online and see a really different look for the Jo Durbin book. (My free short story has a different type of picture but the same fonts and placement of my name–a similar design overall as my series covers.) While these have good photography, I don’t know that they quite work for marketing purposes. Not that I’m an expert. I try to learn from my cover designer. 🙂

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