Five Stars for Choke

9-7 Choke cover 2How can such an off-the-wall fun­ny mys­tery be so well writ­ten? Beats me. Kaye George has a touch any author can admire, and any read­er will great­ly appreciate!

Immy, the ama­teur sleuth who real­ly wants to be a pro­fes­sion­al, is one of a kind. She tries her darn­d­est, while the read­er (me) won­ders how she can pos­si­bly suc­ceed, but cheers her every effort any­way. I could add, the read­er (again me) also enjoys her unex­pect­ed detours from those detect­ing chores. Obvi­ous­ly, so does Immy.

I read this three years ago, but I still remem­ber it—that should tell you some­thing about the stay­ing pow­er of a good book.

Kaye George has had numer­ous short sto­ries pub­lished, but Choke, an Agatha nom­i­nee, was her first mys­tery nov­el. She has since pub­lished three more in this series, and three oth­er series as well.

One review­er said:  “Ques­tion: If you com­bined Lucille Ball with Inspec­tor Clouse­au, what would you get?

Answer: Imo­gene Duck­wor­thy, ama­teur PI and main char­ac­ter of Kaye George’s mys­tery, CHOKE.”

That about sums it up. This is Kaye George’s Ama­zon author page to see what else is there.


Five Stars for Choke — 4 Comments

  1. What a neat thing to find. I’m on Kaye George’s blog on Wednes­day. Her book sounds so good. I can write mys­tery, but I can’t write “fun­ny” mys­tery and I admire all those who can.

    • This one was her first. She now has four series—all of them com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. And prob­a­bly, each of them may have a dif­fer­ent audi­ence. Since I espe­cial­ly like ‘fun­ny’ this series is one of my favs.

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