A Good Writing Day

Breakthrough! This morning’s writing gave me the ending for my short story. Needs fine-tuning, of course. It is a little different than I usually write—historic, long short, if that makes sense. You see, Forgotten Body, the sequel to Yesterday’s Body, takes place at a reenactment of the War of 1812 on Chesapeake Bay. The amateur sleuth in the story, Jo, wonders what her life would have been like in the nineteenth century. She’s in her late fifties, an unmarried survivor of two bad marriages. Would wife and mother have been her only options? Of course not, but what else would she do?

Originally, I started putting little snippets of an historic story in the larger mystery. But, they really didn’t fit. So, you might say, what I was working on today is an out-take of the book, rather like the out-takes they often show from movies or TV shows. And, for a while there, the story didn’t seem to have a future. Today was the breakthrough that I needed. I now have an historic romance (not mystery) of around 20 pages. A bit long for the usual short story, but I have plans for this one and another long-short I’ve completed—a prequel to Yesterday’s Body that is a mystery.

So, short story-long, it’s a good day in my world.


A Good Writing Day — 7 Comments

  1. Glad you got this settled! I have a good day whenever I get to write, and that’s most days. However, when I get my current plot mess figured out, I’ll have a VERY good day.

  2. What a great feeling! I’m happy for you. I recently sorted out some things that have been bothering me about my novel-in-progress and it’s a wonderful sense of relief as well as a confidence booster. 🙂

  3. I recently finished a short story that I’ve been working on for a year. I simply couldn’t come up with an ending that satisfied me. Finally that happened last month, so I know how you feel, Norma. It’s a good day when it all comes together.

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