Do You NaNoWriMo?


I should, I really should. NaNoWriMo, I mean. I’m between books, I have a pretty good sized kernel of an idea, and…it is the season. But, I probably won’t.

Make that, I should, I really should. I can do it, I really can. Fifty thousand words toward a new manuscript. How appealing is that? A big boost on creativity. And…it is the season.

But, I’m in the midst of working toward getting the completed one published. I’ve just committed to a rejuvenating critique group. I’m finalizing a couple of short stories. Thanksgiving is coming. November is a short month as it is (by one day, but who’s counting).

Maybe I can get all that done next week and start NaNo late. (You know, do the Scarlet option and think about it tomorrow.)

The first time I NaNoed I piled up just over the fifty thousand words.

Yeah, but the second time I really tanked.

But, but, that idea didn’t really pan out. And I successfully completed a mini-NaNo last July. Doesn’t that count?

At this stage, I must admit, I start all over at the top with the same arguments.

I think I’ll stay in Scarlet-land for a while. After all, it is a whole two more days until November.

How about you? Will you NaNoWriMo this year?


Do You NaNoWriMo? — 2 Comments

  1. But it’s so good for deepening that writer’s habit! I’ve been off and on for a while so I’m going to do it this year. You do sound more disciplined than me though so you probably don’t need it. I always have mucho fun too. Mary

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