I’m The Grandma Moses of Mystery, and I’d like to tell you all about that. Maybe youpretty mom2 aren’t old enough to remember the original Grandma Moses. In her seventies her fingers were too arthritic to continue the embroidery work she loved, so she began painting. At eighty, she had her primitive paintings displayed in major art museums. A great many of her designs were placed on dishes, curtains—all kinds of products. She continued painting until she was one hundred one years old. So, since my first book was published by a small press the month before I turned eighty, I sort of adopted her title.

I’m not at all famous, but I am in my eighties, and, since my mother lived to be one hundred three, I intend to continue writing for many more years. I’ve had short stories and articles published over the years. Hmm, sort of like the original Grandma and her embroidery? Now I self-publish my books.

The years my husband and I sailed the Chesapeake Bay and beyond inspired my mysteries for adults. My non-fiction was written with my father some years ago when he was about the age I am now. It’s his story of a hot-headed youth who went to Alaska to work one summer for college money, a summer than turned into most of three years. My Young Adult ghost mystery was written especially for my grandchildren—and all teenagers, including those who were teenagers back in the 1940s. (The ghost comes from 1946.)

Every bio page should have pictures of the author. Here’s two more of mine.

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