My first blog post

My new blog is a work in progress, so please excuse any weirdness. I’m taking a class, so it will improve, right? I will learn how to add a picture of my choice to the headline banner. Although the current one is quite nice, it doesn’t have the feeling I’m looking for.

My second title, or whatever it is called, is MYSTERY, HISTORY, AND SPOOKS, OH MY! As the Grandma Moses of Mystery, I write mystery, so that accounts for the first word. The mystery part refers to comments about history in my first mystery, Yesterday’s Body, but that isn’t my entire reason for “History.” The sequel to my first book (I’m writing it now) is Forgotten Body and takes place during reenactments of the War of 1812. (Hey, it’s 200 years since that happened. Did you know that?) Plus, a YA I’ve written and is currently knocking on a publisher’s door has a 1946 component. That’s history too, right?

Now for the “Spooks.” Well, practically everything I write has a bit of woo woo embedded. Yesterday’s Body has an imaginary cat. Death of a Hot Chick has a ghost with an agenda. And the so-far unpublished YA? Well, that has a ghost and sort of time-travel as well. Even my short stories that have been published are a bit woo woo. (You can read them on my website:

Tuesday is my next lesson. Come back to see what impressive things I’ve accomplished with the aid of Pepper O’Neal’s class.