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Hidden Body – all formats here   prequel novelette – ebook free

Yesterday’s Bodyall formats here  Book I

Forgotten Body – all formats here  Book II



Hidden Body — A prequel novelette

Jo Durbin and her sister Sylvie visit a home for sale. When a black cat crosses their path, is it bad luck? Or, does the black cat lead to solving a crime?

“I liked the short, snappy dialogue between the sisters and admired their dedication to staying active.” 5 star Nook review

“This prequel novelette seems like a great introduction to the Jo Durbin Series, at least it has me wanting to catch up on it. The sisters make a terrific investigative team and the interplay and dialogue between the two of them had me giggling on places. The secondary characters are colorful and well written. The best part though is the sneak peek at the end of Yesterday’s Body, which of course also whet my curiosity to continue reading the series.”  4 star review on 24 symbols

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Yesterday’s Body — Book I

Jo Durbin knows one down-side of acting the homeless bag lady. The police will never suspect one of those beautiful people she works with. Nor will they believe that she just happened to find the very dead Francine. Will they point to her when they find the body?

“I’m not saying Abbott Computing Services suffered from an acute form of TV demographics, but, how did I get the job? I wasn’t under forty. I wasn’t anorexic slim. I didn’t have a face that would launch a thousand ships, or even a rowboat. Of course, I was a temp, and the young and beautiful wouldn’t have to look at me forever.”

Comments:      “I very much like your voice. You project just the tone and attitude I love to read.” Chris Roerden, Author of Agatha Award-winning Don’t Murder Your Mystery

“A very good mystery from a very different kind of protagonist. Deserved the EPIC nomination.” Goodreads Review

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Forgotten Body – Book II

Jo Durbin, an embedded reporter, takes on the life of a reenactor of the War of 1812, America’s forgotten war. Should be a piece of cake. Plenty of action, faux dead bodies, pretend battles, a weeping widow—all fodder for her pen. Except—there’s a real body, forgotten in the tall grass.

Someone killed him, but who? As the victim’s checkered past emerges, suspects multiply, including the police themselves, a couple of the reenactors, and even the mayor. Jo’s young friend might be involved—if not as the killer, then as one being protected by her friends. Jo doesn’t believe it.

When children are caught in the web, Jo must follow a figment of her imagination despite any help or hindrance from her sister, and the man who wants to be more than a friend.

“The character stick with you and as with all good characters, sometimes you like them and sometimes you want to slap them! Jo Durbin is always up to something and usually manages to solve a crime at the same time she’s pushing someone’s buttons.” 5 star Amazon review

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