Denlinger Mystery


Death of a Hot Chick

Death of a Hot Chick — A Cyd Denlinger Mystery

A young widow try­ing to sur­vive, a ghost with an agenda, and a boat they share.

Cyd Den­linger wants to for­get her late, phi­lan­der­ing hus­band, keep her fam­ily from run­ning her life, and regain her com­mer­cial boat captain’s license. What she doesn’t want is to be involved with an old flame OR a ghost. But the ghost offers a trade that’s hard to resist.

Find my killer,” she demands. In exchange, Cyd will own the boat Snap­dragon. Easy for a ghost to offer some­thing she can’t use. Not so easy to solve a mur­der with too much help from fam­ily and friends. Not too safe either, espe­cially when Cyd won­ders: Was the killer’s tar­get his vic­tim, or her boat?

Comments:  “The burden in writing a murder mystery is keeping that balance of clues and red herring. You don’t want your readers figuring out ‘who-dun-it’ too quickly. Author Norma Huss kept me guessing until the final chapters of Death of a Hot Chick.  Her book reads a lot like Janet Evanovich’s Number series—a little funny, a little sexy, and very entertaining. Her heroine Cyd could become the next Stephanie Plum. Now she just needs two hot guys to woo and help her.” Smashwords Review

“This who-dunnit will keep you amused and interested all the way through. It has a paranormal touch, as well as a strong, independent and likable heroine who is torn in many directions as she tries to figure things out. If people would just leave her alone, it would be so much easier, but there’s her ex-boyfriend, her sister, her mother, her father, a nosy neighbor…and lots of info about boating that maybe you didn’t know. I didn’t! All in all–a fun read!” Joan C. Afman, editor and author of The Last Time We Were Here

“WOW! Great read. Love Cyd. Love the world Norma has created for Cyd and this mystery on the Chesapeake. Could NOT solve the mystery. Which means—BRAVA Norma. I will be looking for another Cyd book. Need more, Cyd, Kaye, Gregory, and Slim too.” Goodreads Review

“This is one of those books that should come in trios and that you should be reading on a beach with a mai tai in hand and the ocean frothing at your feet. It was fun! I didn’t guess who the murderer was, I kept wavering with ideas. Cyd, the lead character was enticing and enjoyable. I also liked reading about the Chesapeake Bay area.” Amazon 5-star review

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