It’s Bazaar Time

11-19 christmas-bazaarI’m gearing up to sell my books at a local Christmas bazaar. Books will be in the minority of products. There will be sewn lovelies, cut felt hangings, hand-made jewelry, paintings, and a variety of decorated items wanting to be under someone’s Christmas tree. There will be commercial booths with candy and goodies galore that may not last until Christmas. (I know, any I buy will suffer that fate.)

Ah, but books? One can partake of their delights and still gift them to others. (That’s what often happen to my holiday purchases. However, one must hold the book only partially open so as not to crack the spine, definitely not dog-ear any pages, and never read while eating anything sticky.)

And after the bazaar? Will I count my money, always assuming I actually sell a few books instead of buying others’ goodies. Well, hopefully. But I’ll go back to promoting my book that is currently available for nomination at Kindle Scout. (You knew I wouldn’t miss that opportunity right now.)

That taken care of, I wonder how many of you participate in Holiday Bazaars. Or, do you suffer (like me), with ambivalent thoughts of—what? It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet.