Five Stars for The Driving Lesson

11-9 Driving LessonI enjoyed this book tremendously. Rather surprised me— It’s in 14-year-old Charlie’s viewpoint (and I’m a great-grandma). Grandma’s really should say something like this is scandalous—a child driving a car half-way across the country, aided and abetted by his grandfather who is seriously ill, dodging the police and evading his parents. But that’s not what I want to say. I say, “Go for it!” (Just don’t let MY grandson try this 😉 ) It’s thoughtful, surprising, and sounds just right.

This book is from Edgar Award-nominated author Ben Rehder. The average readers review is 4.6. Most think it quite wonderful. It’s hilarious with a quite serious undertone, I guess you might say. One review gave it a good score for the writing, but didn’t agree with the viewpoint.

Since this is recommended for ages 13 to adult, it might be on your list for holiday giving. Amazon listing here.