Five Stars for Between Mountain And Sea

10-5 Between Mountain and SeaI really love M. Louisa Locke’s historic mysteries. When she announced that she had joined a group writing about a future world, despite not being a science fiction reader, I had to check it out. I’m certainly glad I did. Between Mountain And Sea: Paradisi Chronicles is this week’s five star read.

This is the story of Mei Lin Yu in the future world of New Eden. It takes place a century and a half after ten families left an increasingly devastated Earth to colonize the distant planet.

Chapters begin with the 2092 AD diary entries of Mei Lin’s ancestor. But the story is Mei Lin’s. She’s a teenager who doesn’t really want to follow her parents’ desires, that she train at a top university for a successful career. She has trouble taking tests, but misses the all important test when minor surgery on her eyes goes wrong. She is dumped in the ancestral home that is far from the elite centers. But she loves it there. The relatives she meets for the first time, the original planet natives, the land, the animals—all seem more real to her than the life she had so far led.

I’d better not tell more. It’s hard for me, but it would ruin the story for others, and I won’t do that. Just believe it only gets better. I recommend it for all lovers of a good story. YA appropriate as well.

My question today: Do you sometimes read outside your usual favorite genre?