War of 1812-Recruitment, A Matter of Money

What was a young man to do when his country went to war? Soldier, mariner (sailor), what? Go where the money was best, of course. At least, that’s what happened.

Possibly some wanted to be on the sea, sailing and fighting against the British ships. Since most of those ships wintered in Bermuda, a few months off probably didn’t hurt recruitment. However, several army units were enlisting men and giving them bounties of $30 plus $8 monthly with only one year enlistment. The marines (navy) gave them less. One could always sign onto a privateer—they paid better as well. There was another option. Hire on as a sea fencible. That brought in $12 a month for one year. An advantage was that a man could not be called up in any other service, he¬†would be close to home, and in the winter unless something else came up, he could take his food home to the family.¬†Possibly as a result of the different pay schedules, many blacks were marines. From the history I’ve read, they were clothed and worked as equals.

This is another of my War of 1812 series. I am still discovering history I didn’t know, still finding in quite interesting. My next mystery involves a reenactment of that war, which is why I’ve been reading up.

It’s two hundred years since The War of 1812, forgotten by most of our history books. It is, still, a part of our history. Do you find it as interesting as I do?