Testing The New Software

I got a new computer more than a year ago. I’d added software to the old computer to download pictures from my camera. No problem, I’d just shove that disc in the new omputer to transfer the software. Except—it didn’t work with Windows 7. Who knew that would have been a problem? But, some day, I’d figure it out. Sure I would.

But I didn’t.

I resisted taking pictures. Hey, I could download any that friends or family e-mailed me. The big snow we had last winter? Well, I did take some picture of that, but they sat on my camera.

Finally, I bought a new program, highly rated, in fact, number one for 2015. Geez, why did I do that? I have no idea how to use it. That takes study, time spent away from writing. But…

Hey, I’ll try downloading my camera. Shoot a few more images. I walked out my back door (since our house is on a hill, the porch is more of a balcony) and stand with my head practically in the trees. It’s one of my favorite places, with one of my favorite views. (I wonder, was I a bird in some past life?)

2014-1 021Now, to prove I’ve mastered the first basic lesson of my new software, I’ll display one of the pictures right here.

And now, to illustrate how long those 2014-1 010pictures have been in the camera, I’ll show an earlier photo taken from nearly the same spot. See those bare branches on the right? That’s the same tulip poplar tree shown above.

So that’s my latest new software. I’m hoping to do wonderful things, eventually, with my pictures. I’m a camera buff from way back. Just don’t ask me anything about cell phones that only incidentally make telephone calls.