Some recipes fail

Cheeseburger Muffins – NOT

Not a recipe day. Not a “save time, serve a delicious meal” day. No, not at all. How about a “Forget it. Let’s go to Burger King,” day? 

I had a half pound of hamburger and high hopes. The recipe sounded interesting. The “come on” sounded even better. Oh, yes! Words like, “when we’re dying for a yummy cheeseburger,” and “family favorite!”

I’d started with a pound of hamburger, planning a meatloaf, our personal family favorite. Yummy meal and several cold sandwiches in the future. But I succumbed to another idea. Must admit that was a stretch. Filled pepper. But that’s another story about something we did eat, but don’t plan to try again. Back to today’s disaster. First thing, it took an hour of my time. Second thing, it took a lot of other groceries that could have been better spent. Two eggs, a quarter of a pound of butter, two, count them, two cups of shredded cheese, ketchup, mustard, milk, flour, sugar. Sugar?

The recipe made way more than two of us could eat. (Especially since hubby ate only one.) I soldiered on, not sure why, and ate three. Or was it four? Nope, I’m sure I filled up with three. However, a few of those good words were, “freezes well.” So now I have at least a dozen of those little nuggets of delight in the freezer. Perhaps I’ll serve them to grandchildren, naturally using words like, “a go-to snack when you’re dying for a yummy cheeseburger!” I won’t show them the picture from the recipe book that shows them plump and rosy without those singed edges that resulted from the minimal cook time.