A Good Writing Day

Break­through! This morn­ing’s writ­ing gave me the end­ing for my short sto­ry. Needs fine-tun­ing, of course. It is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent than I usu­al­ly write—historic, long short, if that makes sense. You see, For­got­ten Body, the sequel to Yes­ter­day’s Body, takes place at a reen­act­ment of the War of 1812 on Chesa­peake Bay. The ama­teur sleuth in the sto­ry, Jo, won­ders what her life would have been like in the nine­teenth cen­tu­ry. She’s in her late fifties, an unmar­ried sur­vivor of two bad mar­riages. Would wife and moth­er have been her only options? Of course not, but what else would she do?

Orig­i­nal­ly, I start­ed putting lit­tle snip­pets of an his­toric sto­ry in the larg­er mys­tery. But, they real­ly did­n’t fit. So, you might say, what I was work­ing on today is an out-take of the book, rather like the out-takes they often show from movies or TV shows. And, for a while there, the sto­ry did­n’t seem to have a future. Today was the break­through that I need­ed. I now have an his­toric romance (not mys­tery) of around 20 pages. A bit long for the usu­al short sto­ry, but I have plans for this one and anoth­er long-short I’ve completed—a pre­quel to Yes­ter­day’s Body that is a mystery.

So, short sto­ry-long, it’s a good day in my world.


A Good Writing Day — 7 Comments

  1. Glad you got this set­tled! I have a good day when­ev­er I get to write, and that’s most days. How­ev­er, when I get my cur­rent plot mess fig­ured out, I’ll have a VERY good day.

  2. What a great feel­ing! I’m hap­py for you. I recent­ly sort­ed out some things that have been both­er­ing me about my nov­el-in-progress and it’s a won­der­ful sense of relief as well as a con­fi­dence booster. 🙂

  3. I recent­ly fin­ished a short sto­ry that I’ve been work­ing on for a year. I sim­ply could­n’t come up with an end­ing that sat­is­fied me. Final­ly that hap­pened last month, so I know how you feel, Nor­ma. It’s a good day when it all comes together.

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