Cat Mysteries — Something New?

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I’ve heard it said, a pic­ture of a cat on a book cov­er is a sure win­ner. And a mys­tery with cats solv­ing the mys­tery? Yum. Or, per­haps I should just purr!

New read­ers might think mys­ter­ies with cats are a new thing. Nope. Long before the dig­i­tal boom and even before Ama­zon, there were cat mys­ter­ies. I’m quite sure I bought every paper­back of ‘The Cat Who’ mys­ter­ies. The two Siamese and their human, Quiller­an, kept me read­ing episode after episode.

More recent­ly, I’ve become acquaint­ed with oth­er mys­tery solv­ing cats. Janet Cantrell (a woman with almost as many names as she has mys­tery series) intro­duced me to the Fat Cat. (Rates anoth­er purr.)

But I’m always on the look­out for some­thing new. The last cov­er is a book I haven’t yet read. The series sounds inter­est­ing — A cat in the stack mys­tery — library stacks, I believe. Could this be my next favorite read?

Or, maybe you have anoth­er sug­ges­tion. There’s the mag­i­cal cats, cats most every­where. I’d like to hear more!



Cat Mysteries — Something New? — 2 Comments

  1. A search on Ama­zon reveals more cat mys­tery series than one can shake a stick at! I enjoyed the first two or three of the Black Cat Book­shop Mys­tery series by Ali Bran­don and plan to get back to it. The char­ac­ters have enough rough edges to inter­est me. “Per­fect” hero­ines are not my cup of tea.
    Hap­py read­ing & writ­ing, Norma!

    • You are def­i­nite­ly cor­rect about cats and mys­tery books. I quite agree with you about the rough edged-char­ac­ters. I’ll have to check out the Black Cat Book­shop Mysteries!

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