Short Stories

New Novem­ber 2017 — a vol­ume of ten short sto­ries — Now available

The Desert­er and Oth­er Sto­ries titles

The Desert­er
Flower of Death.
In The Valley
Yesterday’s News
The Goldarn­d­est Earth­quake of All 
Pro­tect­ing Tina 
Dri­ving Lesson
The Baglady and the Run­away Kid 
Herbs To You 
The Miss­ing Clue
Plus Crab Appe­tiz­er Recipes

The Desert­er and Oth­er Sto­ries is a col­lec­tion that varies from flash fic­tion to nov­el­ette. Tak­ing place from 1813 to present day, the sto­ries range from tall tale to reimag­ined mem­o­ry to mys­tery to humor, with char­ac­ters from child to ghost.

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From the back cover:

Go back in time with a child­less wid­ow strug­gling for her inde­pen­dence dur­ing the War of 1812. Trav­el the mean city streets with a man sus­pect­ed of mur­der. Glimpse the pre-war world of 1941 through the eyes of an eleven-year-old girl. Explore the unex­pect­ed (and pos­si­bly para­nor­mal) sto­ry of a news­pa­per stringer. Zip through a 200-word tall tale from Alas­ka . Learn to what lengths a man will go to pro­tect his mem­o­ries. Get a new per­spec­tive on how hard it can be to dri­ve a car . Tag along with a home­less woman as she dis­cov­ers an inter­lop­er in her neigh­bor­hood . Spend some qual­i­ty time with a retired shrimper and his herbal­ly incan­ta­tious wife. And final­ly, venture
to the shores of Chesa­peake Bay, where the restora­tion of an old skip­jack meets mys­tery and deep-fried turkey.