A Main Dish From Leftovers

Stacks for Two — A leftover delight

4 6‑inch four tortillas
1/2 cup cooked meat, chopped fine
1/2 jar salsa
shred­ded cheese

1. Reserve 1 table­spoon of sal­sa. Mix sal­sa and chopped meat in fry pan and heat together.
2. Place one tor­tilla in the bot­tom of a small casse­role dish.
3. Spread one half of the sal­sa mix­ture on the tortilla.
4. Sprin­kle shred­ded cheese on top.
5. Repeat 2–4 (plac­ing anoth­er tor­tilla on top of the one below, then cov­er­ing with cheese.
6. Place last tor­tilla on top, spread the reserved sal­sa, then sprin­kle more shred­ded cheese.
7. Heat in 350̊ oven 20 or more min­utes until cheese bub­bling and top slight­ly browned.
8. Cut in wedges and serve with sour cream, chopped let­tuce, and chopped tomato.

Notes: Any meat may be used — beef, pork, chick­en, ham, even fish.
Cheeses may include ched­dar, moz­zarel­la, Col­by, Parme­san, Mex­i­can blends, or oth­ers. You may pre­fer to place a dif­fer­ent cheese in each layer.

Vari­a­tions: Use pineap­ple sal­sa and include pineap­ple tid­bits with the meat.
Use a chopped, cooked veg­etable instead of meat, or with meat.

Recipe — Garlic Chicken with Peanut Sauce

First, a quote from Yesterday’s Body

What’s for din­ner?” I asked.
“There’s half a bar­be­qued chick­en left,” Mel said. “I planned to heat it up.”
“Right,” I said and start­ed open­ing cup­board doors. “You real­ly want dried out leftovers?”
“I’m test­ing your skills,” he said. “You haven’t dis­ap­point­ed me yet.”
“You’re tak­ing advan­tage of my good nature.” Of course he wasn’t, and he knew it. In my
cus­tom­ary life I was an inno­v­a­tive but often hap­haz­ard cook, how­ev­er, Mel was such an
appre­cia­tive audi­ence. And face it, I did need a break from out­door research now and then.

# # # #

I found a pack­age of ramen noo­dles, a few nuts, a can of mush­rooms, and a half jar of peanut
but­ter. I lined up his spices, decid­ed which bits of veg­gies from the crisper in the bot­tom of the
refrig­er­a­tor were usable, and did my magic.

* * * * *

But before I wrote those words, I exper­i­ment­ed with the food in my refrig­er­a­tor. And, ta da, I came up with this recipe!

Garlic Chicken with Peanut Sauce, Noodles, and Vegetables

Left­over rotis­serie (bar­be­cue) chicken
Noo­dles (rice noo­dles, egg noo­dles, ramen noo­dles or any pas­ta of your choice)
Veg­gies (broc­coli flo­rets, onion chunks, car­rots sliced thin, mush­rooms, cel­ery, or any oth­ers of
your choice) Note: You won’t find any pep­pers in Jo’s recipes because she does­n’t like them — but
feel free to use them as well.
Gar­lic — 1 clove minced, or 1/2 tsp of canned chopped or minced (or more if you prefer).
Peanut Sauce — see recipe below
Peanuts — unsalt­ed dry-roast­ed — may be chopped

1. Whisk peanut sauce ingre­di­ents together.
2. Cut bite-size chunks from left-over bar­be­cue chicken.
3. Pre­pare veg­gies. (Peel &/or chop. If nec­es­sary, zap in microwave until done to ten­der­ness you
pre­fer.) Note: many veg­gies, espe­cial­ly frozen peas and mush­rooms, may not need extra cooking.
4. Break noo­dles into 2 to 4 inch lengths then cook accord­ing to box instruc­tions (rice noodles,
egg noo­dles, ramen noo­dles, etc.)
5. Sauté gar­lic in the peanut sauce for 2 or 3 min­utes. Add chick­en and heat for anoth­er 2 or 3
min­utes. Add cooked noo­dles and veg­gies. (Or add veg­gies ear­li­er.) Stir and heat through.
6. Stir peanuts in before serv­ing, or sprin­kle a hand­ful of peanuts on the top after serving.

Peanut Sauce
For 2 peo­ple (use mul­ti­ples for more peo­ple — all mea­sure­ments are approximate)
Whisk together
1 TB creamy peanut butter
1 tsp hazel­nut oil (or any oil)
1 tsp Worces­ter­shire sauce
3 shakes ground red pepper
6 twists of pep­per mill
3 shakes onion powder
3 shakes ground ginger

* * * * *

Yes­ter­day’s Body was first pub­lished by a small e‑press and is an EPIC mys­tery final­ist and part of the Jo Durbin Mys­tery Series.